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July 2018
Hey guys! Wanted to update you on Rhett. He was formerly “Eldon”
We Love Him so much!
Austin Peckham
June 2017
Hello!! Bernedoodle Birdie is doing very well! She's loving life and her tail is always wagging! We take her everywhere with us, and every person we see stops us to meet her! She gets lots of attention from everyone, and she absolutely loves it! At night when I put her in her crate and I disappear from her vision, she whines but she has gotten better about it! Potty training is going okay. We took her to the vet the Monday after we got her, and our vet gave me some tips on how to potty train her but they haven't worked as good as I had hoped.Thank you! ~ Lillie

We LOVE our babies ssooo much. Bella-(Glenda) and Ginger-(Honeysuckle) are doing very well and they bring so much LOVE to our lives every single day! We all love snuggling them and playing with tennis balls. They are very well behaved girls and they love each other bunches!

Thank you again for such beautiful, loving, playful, snuggly teddybear~babies!! The best part is...they both love our family of 4 equally. They don’t just love the one that feeds them. They are a huge blessing!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours.

~The Greers
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Welcome and thank-you for stopping by! We hope you will be able to find a Furever Doodle for you and your Family!! Our Aim is to have Happy, Healthy and Playful Doodles so you can enjoy Life with a wonderful little Doodle to keep you entertained and amused at all times! Please take your time to look around and enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please email us or call us at (606) 787-2234! 
F1B Bernedoodle Price $2100 -300 = $1800 BRANZEN (Male)
F1B Bernedoodle Price $2100 -300 = $1800 BRANZEN (Male)
F1 Bernedoodle Price $2100 -300 = $1800 HOUSTAN (Male)
F1 Bernedoodle Price $2100 -300 = $1800 HOUSTAN (Male)
F1b Goldendoodle Macintosh (Male) Price 1175
F1b Goldendoodle Macintosh (Male) Price 1175
F1b Bernedoodle BRANZEN
On Macintosh: You can go ahead and remove the hold off Macintosh. Having trouble getting down there. They Have me working out of town. Hope he goes to a good home because he is the sweetest dog we have ever seen. No need to hold you up with him. We will get one later on. Hope to use you in the near future. ~ Matt
F1b Goldendoodle MACINTOCH Adopted ~ Stephanie Scott
ADOPTED by Tammy DiLullo
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