The History on the Labrador Retriever's
The Labrador retriever was once known as the "St. John s Dogs", and is now considered to be one of the most popular dog breeds in America. The breed stems from Newfoundland, Canada and was trained to jump overboard into cold waters to fish out the nets that the fishermen set out to retrieve fish.
The first "Labs" were brought to England in the early 1800s from ships that were coming from Labrador. In Labrador the dogs were able to develop their skills of retrieving. The Labrador is known to be one of the best family dogs. They are very intelligent and known to be loving and attentive.
                        The Appearance of the Labrador

There are two types of Labrador retrievers, the English Labradors and the American Labradors. English labs come from the English bred type and are different in appearance from the American labs. The English Labradors will have a blocky head and larger muscular body. The American Labs will seem narrower in the face and muzzle. They are not as blocky looking as the English Labs.

The Labrador retriever is a muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a short, water-resistant double coat that comes in solid black, yellow, or chocolate. There is also said to be a rare silver or gray color. The Labrador retriever has a think nose, broad head, and a scissors bite. Labs have an intelligent expression, and are known to be quite alert. Their webbed feet aid in swimming and their thick tail is strong.
                                                                           The Labrador Temperament
The Labrador retriever is a loving, affectionate, lovable, patient dog. It is regarded as very intelligent and willing. They love to play and are very good natured dogs. They are excellent swimmers and enjoy the outdoors. They are very sensitive and therefore are wonderful with children of all ages. They are calm and somewhat protective. They should not been seen as guard dogs but will be great watch dogs when needed. As puppies they should be very well socialized with humans and other animals.

Labrador Retrievers are easy to train because of their high level of intelligence and their willingness to learn. They are very active and need lots of play time outdoors. They are good companions and very sharp. They are known for their retrieving skills but also their hunting and tracking skills as well. Labs that were bred from the English lines seem to be calmer than the Labs from the American Lines. The English type Labs mature quicker than the American type.
                                                                            Labrador Retrievers  Role
The Labrador retriever plays a big role in family life. They are normally considered a part of the family and are treated the same as a child would be. Labs are known to be loving, caring, affectionate, and alert. They will guard when needed but mainly are a companion dog. Because of their temperament, they work well with children, adults, and those in need. Labs are often seen

as a guide dogs and for police work.

AKC Page on Labradors

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