Here is a list of things and some tips for getting ready for that new addition to your family!
First of all you might want to wear some shoes with the toes chewed out, just to get a feel of what it will be like to
have a puppy in the house, or actually you might want to get someone in the family to hide one of your shoes and
then look for it until you find it, so you know how to search for a lost shoe!
And while they're at it they should hide one of your socks that you leave laying around,
WELCOME TO LIFE WITH A PUPPY!! But thankfully puppies don't stay puppies and with some proper training,
they can bring you the shoes instead of you needing to look for them..
Get down and crawl around on your hands and knees like a puppy, what is on his/her level? Any electrical cords
(especially frayed ones) that he can chew on?
Do the table cloths hang down on his level where he could jerk the whole thing down and bring anything on the
table down with it?
What is on the coffee table, or end tables? Hopefully nothing that you wouldn't want chewed on , or that could choke
the puppy.
Water And Feed Bowls
Interactive Toys
Puppy Pads
Pet Stain Cleaning Products
Distilled Water
Dental Chew Toys
Puppy Bed
Puppy Food
Puppy Treats For Training
Baby Gates

If you plan to leave the puppy alone for part of the day while you work, (We would not recommend this for very
long periods at time at first, they have been used to littermates and this could stress them out) begin crate training
very soon, or prepare a small area of the house with puppy gates over doorways and everything that is not puppy
proof out of reach.

The reason we want you to have distilled water on hand is because we have well water and the change from well
water to city water could cause some digestive upsets, so we would like for you to keep them on distilled water for a
couple weeks , once they have adjusted well otherwise you could change them over to your water.

Please order your NuVet supplement ahead of time (see the info on the Nu Vet page on our website). NuVet helps
their immune system during a stressful time in their life of transitioning them to their new homes, and we would like
to see them on it for a lifetime.


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